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INOVA 1971.-2005.
INOVA is a traditional national exhibition of inventions, which since 1971 has been regularly displaying the greatest achievements in the field of invention in Croatia. It is the embodiment of the spirit of creativity designed to enhance innovative work and inspire Croatian innovators to unveil their most fascinating inventions.
Over the past 31 years of its existence, INOVA has brought together, promoted and presented to the public thousands of domestic and hundreds of foreign inventions. It's thirtieth anniversary made it imperative to organize a major international event accompanied by proper media coverage and that was the motivating factor behind INOVA's return to Zagreb and its show at the Zagreb International Fair.
This year's host for the 31st Croatian Invention Show is the city of Rijeka. INOVA will be organized within the Technical Culture Days manifestation, a manifestation unique in the Republic of Croatia with respect to size and media coverage.


INOVA 2006.
After a series of towns and the city of Zagreb, Rijeka has accepted to be the host of this year's international invention show.
During the past years, INOVA has been gathering, encouraging and presenting to the public thousands of innovations. It can be said that everything renown and successful in the Croatian innovative milieu has been exhibited or awarded at the INOVA show. Yes, it is true that the majority of innovations never saw commercial application, some were produced in small series, some unjustifiably in Croatia, but we can proudly say that many innovations-exhibits at the INOVA were a success.
During 2003 and 2004 INOVA was organized outside Zagreb with the aim to spread the significance and value of innovations to other parts of Croatia. The success achieved in the towns of Ogulin and Samobor only confirmed that the idea of holding INOVA in other places of Croatia was a good one.
The INOVA 2006 show in Rijeka expects the participation of some 50 Croatian innovators and 30 innovations of young people with guests from abroad.


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